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Parents we need to consider the sense of belonging and identity of our children. There are more and more approaches to cultural difference and how we pass on aspects of belonging and heritage from generation to generation. Often it gets overlooked that the parents of a mixed race child will never experience the world as their children.

Looking white and feeling mixed is a thing. How they present to others will impact on how they identify and its important that you can acknowledge and explore that with them. With this confusion, children will find it hard to adopt their ‘black’ side or their ‘Asian’ side because others will consistently point out, ‘but you look white’. Allow them the space to talk about this with you and give them permission to identify how they wish without feeling guilty. If you as their parent can do that, they will feel a lot more confident about who they are.

Talk to your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews it’s confusing for adults and children. But remember to listen because your experiences will not be those of your mixed race children!

What are the opportunities, constraints, challenges and tensions in negotiating a sense of identity and heritage between parents and children in mixed race families?

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