Welcome to include me

Include Me was founded in Leeds in 2020 from a deep sense of purpose, driven by lived experience and amplified by the challenges and isolation of diverse founders and innovators who are starting, building and looking to scale their businesses


Include Me

Include Me is a place for everyone who feels unheard or underrepresented in their journey as an entrepreneur. Our open community platform connects people, places, communities, and organisations. Our mantra is to:


To understand the ‘real world’ barriers faced by our communities.


The voices and issues of our innovators, founders and communities via our communication channel #Unmute


To find new solutions, through better collaborations between individuals, communities and organisations who share the same values and ambitions.


To create a positive impact.

Research by Innovative UK and FSB finds that 75% of entrepreneurs grew up with dynamic role models, yet 78% of female business owners didn’t see role models who were of the same gender, over half (54%) of people from ethnic minority backgrounds didn’t have role models with the same ethnicity as them.



Unmute is our vehicle for communication. It has ‘permission’ to talk about ‘whatever’ needs talking about, even the difficult and uncomfortable conversations. We run events, podcasts, workshops, discussion groups; and often act as the conduit between community and large organisations.



D-List is a directory of diverse and exceptional entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders, and business owners. The D List boasts over 100 members, representing a variety of backgrounds, sectors, emerging technologies, ethnicity, and abilities. Each founder is a standout success in their field and a role model within their sector. D List celebrates diversity and showcases how it is harnessed as an advantage in innovation, start ups, and new product development teams.