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Sponsorship opportunities

Interested in getting involved or becoming an ambassador?

  • D-List allows you to:Reach a new and underrepresented talent pool.
  • Diversify your events, conferences and seminars.
  • Gain access to exceptionally talented, diverse entrepreneurs.
  • Support the diversity and inclusion agenda within key sectors.
  • Encourage your employees to engage and have a voice.
  • Make our region and the UK truly inclusive for current and future generations.

We will promote relevant partner services to our community via our online channels, events, and activities.

Exclusive Sponsorship – Special Projects 2023

We are offering exclusive sponsorship of each of our 2023 flagship projects.

Only one sponsor category per project, each project starting at £5,000

Projects commencing soon, so talk to us now

Each project offers a unique opportunity to engage with the Leeds ecosystem in an inclusive and immersive way.

We will discuss the various options to become involved such as website, newsletters and blogs, the branding and promotion of each project, and the opportunity to participate, becoming part of the fabric of each exciting initiative.

We have many more opportunities for partners and supporters to get involved with promotional activity and events taking place in 2023 and to support Include Me more broadly. 


D-List Anthem & Video: Promo

Testament is a Hip-Hop MC, writer, theatre maker and world record breaking human beatboxer.

Performances for theatres such as Royal Court, Leeds Playhouse, The Globe, Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester; screenwriting for Netflix, and TV performances for BBC and Channel 4.

Testament has written and recorded the D-List Anthem with a custom video. This will be used to promote the D-List regionally and nationally, extending the reach of the project and increasing awareness and reach.


D-List NFT Collection: Art

Using cutting edge creative designs to tell the stories of a set of D-Listers.

This visual campaign will be delivered through commissioning the talents of ‘up and coming’ regional graphic designers to develop a range of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

As part of a future project, these will later form part of an e-book, showcasing role model stories, to be sponsored and distributed to schools, colleges, universities, community groups, and SME organisations.


D-List in Education: Outreach

Lack of role models for younger diverse generations is a widespread issue. To help, we are planning an outreach programme to regional schools, colleges and HEI’S.

Through this campaign we will connect with younger generations, across a target area, to raise ambition and share inspirational stories.


D-List on #Unmute: Podcast

We are going to #Unmute our D-List role models through a short series of lively podcasts on innovation, entrepreneurship and inclusivity.

Esta Suma will be the face of this campaign, a single mum of 2, and founder of Female Magik. Esta is a trained broadcast journalist and an exceptional role model.


D-List Diverse Stars: Event

The D-Stars event will take place in Leeds. Working collaboratively with Forward Ladies and other key stakeholders we will leverage the ‘Female Entrepreneurs’ community. Spotlighting strong regional female voices in business and stimulating opportunities for females.

Keynote speaker, Griselda Togobo, CEO Forward Ladies, is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, engineer, and chartered accountant. She will share her experience as a black woman in the corporate world, and what drives her to create global companies and inclusive workplaces.

The D-List Tour Bus – 2023

The D-List is going on tour around Leeds, We are planning plenty of pre and post-event activity, blogs, and coverage.

Sponsorship starting at £15,000

Projects commencing soon, so talk to us now

There are options for the bus to be co-branded with sponsors, for promotional material and brochure, and an opportunity to discuss attendance at destination locations.

If you would like to sponsor the D-List Tour Bus then get in touch. We are flexible, willing to look at multiple sponsors and happy to discuss your ideas.

Raising awareness across the region

Our D-List camper van will travel around Leeds. Pitching up at several iconic locations and other regional venues.

Materials will be given out along route to those attending, we anticipate this to be young founders, innovators, and those interested in supporting diverse and inclusive entrepreneurship.

Staff and ambassadors will be on hand and necessary licenses and permissions will be sought in advance.


Sponsorship options available

Various sponsorship options are available such as:

  • Rapper, Testament onboard.
  • Podcast studio onboard.
  • Branded camper.
  • Branded ambassador staff.
  • Camper photobooth.
  • DJ Booth.
  • Tracking, for live updates of the location.

Illustrative models and pricing can be provided.