Diversity | Inclusion | Innovation | Entrepreneurship

Why it matters

Innovation is for everyone, yet the reality is that the people we use to explain entrepreneurship are not often representative of the diversity needed to support innovation and business objectives.

We know that equity, and inclusion are critical determinants of innovation and entrepreneurship and lead to the success of individuals, teams, and ecosystems at large.

Being on the D-List is more than a badge, it’s a commitment to support much needed change every day. The D List showcases regional, unique business leaders facilitating their expertise, sector specialism, and dedication in their field. This builds their confidence to become role models, inspiring current and future generations.

Role models play a central role in shaping a young professional’s career and are especially important if you belong to an underrepresented group. A lack of representation in the workplace can lead to feeling isolated and lacking in confidence, lower levels of productivity and satisfaction which lead to demotivation in the workplace.

The D-List offers more diverse panels, role models, mentors, new voices, and access to diverse individuals who are trusted by the community they represent and the organisations and institutions who exist to support them.

We reach talented underrepresented young people, early stage entrepreneurs and high growth innovators, ensuring that they are better supported and visible to large organisations. This, in turn, increases the opportunity for both entrepreneurs and large organisations who are able to access, search and reach out to one another.


Top Benefits of Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace


increase in innovation driven by cognitive diversity


of employees wished their company was more diverse


of employees have either witnessed or experienced workplace discrimination first hand


of millennial and generation z employees value diversity when considering employment opportunities